Planning a bachelorette party for your BFF? Check out our tips, advises, and ideas for the coolest, most fun and sexiest bachelorette party and locations.



We really advise to have a limited number of ladies attending. And ladies are always more playfull when they really know well each others. 8 to 12 ladies are often the best parties...


Whipped cream, M&Ms, Tequila, lemon and salt, 4 blindfolds, sexy giveaways for the games.


7PM to 9PM : Dining
8PM to 11PM :  Warm up and drinking games
11PM : Stripper show & games


1. 50% nonrefundable deposit is required upon booking online with a Visa or Master Card, or by bank transfer. This nonrefundable deposit is necessary since we will be turning down work on behalf of the entertainer that they could have otherwise received on your scheduled date and time. In the rare instance we are unable to provide you an entertainer at all then you will of course be refunded this deposit.

2. All online credit card deposits are securely encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption and are strictly confidential, using paypal technology.

3. Advance booking is preferred but feel free to book online all the way up until 3 hours before your requested arrival time.

4. After placing your order online you will receive an confirmation email about availability within 24 hours.

5. Prices listed upper are for private parties. If you are a nightclub or a promoter coordinating a male review of any kind, please call for pricing which starts at ₱30,000. Call or email for more info.

6. Entertainment provided is for WOMEN ONLY. The only men allowed are ones necessary for the party such as bartenders, security etc.

7. You are responsible for any additional courtesies or miscellaneous charges on behalf of the entertainer such as parking, hotel valet, etc. These are due upon entertainers arrival along with your remaining balance.

8. Entertainers accommodate events at houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, banquet rooms, party buses and more. If your party is at the hotel, your entertainer will call you prior to or upon his arrival to get the room number.

9. Male stripper pricing above applies to those events within the Metro Manila area. Time and travel charges may apply to events outside the metro. We will charge double for outside Metro Manila booking, plus the accommodation and transportation.

10. We will “check availability” once we receive your order. Checking entertainers availability requires extensive time, phone calls, voice-mails and text messages often on behalf of clients that will not or have no intention of actually booking. This is why when you book online you will be prompted to be flexible and make more than one entertainer preference.


Please remember that male performers work for tips and they are necessary for his best and full performance. Please make sure ladies are properly prepared with tip dollars. Most hostesses find it easiest to obtain smaller bills in advance to make change for those guests who arrive with only large bills or bring no cash. We are able to provide the best male dancers with the lowest possible booking fees because our clients are generous tippers. The current industry customary tipping for private male dancers normally equates to $200 per entertainer, per party or about $20 per guest present (whichever is greater).


To ensure the night with fun filled of entertainment, Manila Secrets will share you some things that you can do and can't do with our performers upon booking with us. Our talents are highly qualified performers and we value the safety and reputation of our performers. It is hereby agreed that you as client accepts all the terms of liability and these are following;

1. Cameras, video recording and even by mobile phones shots are not permitted to use during the performances without the permission of performer. You and your guest should give due respect to the decisions of our talents and if ever they declines in your request. Groping and insulting is not allowed as well as throwing objects during the show.

2. We do not provide performances to mixed crowds. Female performers are designated to perform for an all-male audience while male performers will be performing for an all-female audience. Please inform us prior to the event, if in special cases you may require a performer who can perform to a mix audience so that we can send you a performer who has agreed to your request.

3. If the party venue is care of the client, it is advisable to provide a dressing room for the performer..

4. If you intend to have a surprise party for the celebrant, please advise us ahead of time so we can instruct the performer to arrive in costume.

5. Manila Secrets does not cater the outdoor performances. The venue must also be covered and clean, i.e., patios hotel rooms and other indoor venues.

6. Due payments must be given in cash prior to the event performances.

7. Manila Secrets acts as a booking agent that engages the services of independent contractors who are not our staff. The contractor is fully responsible for providing his/her own liability insurance and professional indemnity to adequately cover any liability that the contractor may incur. Manila Secrets accepts no responsibility or liability for any action of a contractor in the performance. Any injury to persons or damage to property caused by a contractor is a legal matter between the client and the contractor.

8. Manila Secrets has the rights to STOP the show without any refund if the client will break any of the rules stated above. The The behavior of the client's guests is also the client's responsibility so please explain the rules to each of them.

9. For complains and/or suggestions, kindly send us a message through our website’s contact page. Our Complaints Department will address your concerns as soon as possible.


bachelorette2-w800-h600.jpgCoordination is key to pulling off the perfect bachelorette party. Ask people who will be attending the event for necessary information including how to get the bride to the party on the set date, what to dress her in, and where to host the event.

If you plan to play games that will require the groom’s help, such as a Q&A session where she needs to get the answers right or take a shot, plan the questions in advance and get his answers.

Also decide what the entourage is wearing. Are you going for the traditional Little Black Dress, or will you don personalized shirts?

And no matter what you do, make sure to keep the party a surprise!



There is nothing wrong with just winging it, but in our experience, the most fun bachelorette parties are those that planned them down to a tee.

Itinerary. What time is the bride-to-be arriving? What kind of activities are you doing throughout the night? Will the party be leading up to a main event (like, a stripper dance) or will you just play party games?

Party size. The more intimate it is, the better. Invite between 8 to 12 girls who know each other well for the perfect party experience.

Schedule. Make the most out of the night with a 7 to 11 PM party. You can customize the time slots according to your preferences.

Equipment and accessories. If you’re going to need photo booths, naughty decor, or other accessories, make sure to get them all sorted before the party.

Other party essentials. Transportation? Party games? Food and drinks? Plan what you need and jot them down so the night can start and end without a hitch.



A good rule-of-thumb for choosing a theme is to think of the guest of honor. What does she like? What is she into? What will get her to let loose for a night and enjoy herself?

Need suggestions?

Girls Gone Wild. Who does not want to have a night filled with memories you will promise to never speak of again? A bachelorette party theme staple, Girls Gone Wild and other naughty variations are ideal for brides-to-be who do not mind getting their drinks spiked with a little fun accessory (hello, pecker-shaped stirrers) or are game enough to forget they said “Yes” to someone for a couple of hours. With this theme, the world is your oyster. Hire a dancer who will get everyone feeling the bliss of one last night of singlehood, or throw an all-girls all-nighter to remind you of the amazing power of uninhibited girl bonding.

Lingerie Shower. You know those times you all got together to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Now’s your chance to star in your own glamorous runway! Even better: no one says you need to fit into model-sized underwear to be able to look and feel like a bombshell! Dress up in your favorite sexywear and bring presents for the bride-to-be. Everything from kinky undergarments to make-him-drop-his-jaw honeymoon outfits is recommended. To up the sexiness during the party, play games such as Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack. You’ll end up laughing your way into an unforgettable party!



Some venues come pre-designed for bachelorette parties, while others require your own creativity and effort. Whichever you choose, make sure to host it somewhere you can truly have fun and enjoy the night. For example, doing a pub crawl instead of staging the part in one place may limit the activities that you can do at your party, as well as hinder your privacy.

At Manila Secrets, we pride ourselves in delivering just the vibe that you need for your bachelorette party. So if you need help in planning and throwing your girlfriend an unforgettable pre-wedding bash, contact us.

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